Our production

We produce:


Most common sizes: 19х100 / 22х100 / 25х100 / 22х200 / 50х200 / 75х95 / 75х75mm, length from 800mm to 6000mm


Drying is carried out in kilns with a volume of 50m3, under automatic control, allowing to achieve even moisture content in the wood, up to 18%, 10%, and heat treatment is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISPM 15 (IPPC).

Heat treatment certificates and records are provided with the products.


We offer standard dimensions of pallet collars – 1200х800х200mm, 600х800х200mm

We produce pallet collars from one board, from two boards, as well as pallet collars of any non-standard dimension.

Produced from softwood (pine, spruce) and hardwood (aspen, birch, alder) species.

In addition, we offer:

  • Application of the customer’s logo on the collars
  • Painting the collars in the desired colour
  • Production of collars from OSB-3 material or plywood
  • Handle making – milled holes in the sides for more convenient handling

We also produce:

  • Boards of non-standard height: 100mm/300mm/400mm
  • Collars for gardens and shops (DIY concept)
  • Collars for stands in shopping centres
  • Additional elements: partitions/ collar dividers/ plastic corners
  • Lids made of OSB-3 material, plywood or board


We produce wood briquettes from production residue (shavings, sawdust).

As a result of double compression, a rectangular briquette is formed having a high compression ratio.

Briquette moisture content: 10-14%

Standard packing: 12 briquettes in a plastic bag; bag weight: 10 kg (+-2%); total number of bags on a pallet: 96 pcs; total weight: 960 kg/pallet; full load 25 pallets.


We produce firewood of alder, birch in various packaging (crates, net-sacks, boxes, etc.)

Firewood is made from hardwood: alder, birch, Leaf wood MIX (aspen, poplar, vine, alder, etc.).

Two methods may be applied in drying:

Air dried – natural moisture content, drying takes place in the open air, drying cycle takes 2-6 months, residual moisture content: 18-35%

Kiln Dried – firewood is dried in a kiln until it reaches the required moisture content: 12-18%, drying cycle takes 5-8 days

Possible length: 24-25cm, 29-30cm, 40-50cm

We offer standard firewood products, length 24-25cm:

  • firewood MIX, Alder, Birch in net bags of 22L (net bag size 45х60cm), 72 bags on a pallet, full load 32 pallets
  • firewood MIX, Alder, Birch in crates 1m3 (crate dimensions 1.15х0.8х1.10m), full load: 60.00m3, 60 pallets
  • firewood MIX, Alder, Birch in crates 1.8m3 (crate dimensions 1.15х0.8х2.10m), full load: 57.60m3, 32 pallets

We also pack firewood in packaging of customer’s requested dimensions


We produce pallets of standard sizes 1200x800mm, 600x800mm, as well as non-standard sizes, industrial.

You only need to send a pallet specification or its standard – we will prepare a commercial offer in the shortest possible time.

We also offer manufacturing of wooden crates, wooden boxes, lids, walls according to the customer’s specification.


We produce wood trim, calibrated material, finishing boards and other products based on the order.

We may consider the possibilities of manufacturing other products required by customers.

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